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About us

nägeli reinigungen & transporte plus was established in 1997 and is the qualified partner for professional facility management services, maintenance cleaning, construction site cleaning, hand-over guaranteed cleaning of apartments and properties, transport, relocation services and other services for business and private customers based in the canton of Zug.

We offer professional, efficient cleaning, transport and relocation services on fair terms and conditions. Our qualified team of over 60 cleaning and transport specialists is continuously trained to provide careful and diligent execution of assignments, tasks and services. As a SUVA-certified company, quality and safety are important to us.

Whether we offer our services to business premises, private households or estates, impeccable cleanliness is guaranteed, as well as the use of biodegradable detergents and the correct waste disposal (i.e. such as old furniture). Valuable goods are carefully transported, and relocations are carried-out professionally and swiftly.

In 2017, the year of our 20th business anniversary, we launched with nägeli plus additional services such as airport transfer, driver service with assistance, nationwide courier service, apartment and house sitting including pet care.

In 2019 we extended our nägeli plus service catalogue with textile cleaning and tailor services both with pick-up and delivery; and with handyman services - adding additional valuable services for our clients.




Company history

  • 1997nägeli reinigungen

    Establishment of the company with cleaning services of all sorts for business premises, private households and estates.
  • 2000nägeli transporte

    Extensions of the business services in the sectors relocation, transport and disposals.
  • 2009nägeli reinigungen & transporte

    Expansion of the fleet, cleaning and transport specialist through the continuous growth of the business.
  • 2015nägeli reinigungen & transporte

    The company counts 50 employees.
  • 2017nägeli reinigungen & transporte plus

    In the year of the 20th business anniversary, the company launched with nägeli plus additional value-added services such as airport transfer, nationwide courier and driver services incl. assistance as well as home and pet sitting.
  • 2019nägeli plus

    With textile cleaning and tailor services including pick-up and delivery from the clients home and handyman services, the company extended its service catalogue with additional value-added services.

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