nägeli disposals

With time damaged and useless goods easily collect in the attic, the basement or in the garage. We offer the correct disposal of such goods and carry out removals of all kinds.

Removals for private households

We undertake removals of all kinds and properly dispose damaged and unwanted household items and furniture.

Vehicles and tools

For each assignment we use the appropriate vehicles and tools, such as cranes, furniture lifts and inclined lifts and ladders.

Recycling for businesses

We take care of the proper removal and disposal of recyclable waste such as paper, cardboard, plastic, i.e. or damaged office furniture and equipment.

Recycling goods

Paper, batteries, bulky goods, electric waste, glass, wood, coffee capsules, cardboard, furniture, lamps and light bulbs, metal, PET, plastic of all kinds, polystyrene, etc.

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